Episode Guide

501: At What Price TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 1 8PM EDT

The Dutchman offers to have murder charges against Peter dismissed if Neal agrees to steal a cache of gold coins.

502: Out Of The Frying Pan TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 1 9PM EDT

Neal and his new handler target a website that deals in stolen goods; Mozzie helps deliver Diana's baby.

503: One Last Stakeout TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 1 10PM EDT

The Dutchman blackmails Neal into stealing a chapter of a book on display at a museum, prompting Neal and Mozzie to trick a criminal into committing the actual theft; Neal befriends a book expert named Rebecca.

504: Controlling Interest TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 1 11PM EDT

Peter and Neal suspect a psychiatrist drugged a patient and tricked him into robbing $2 million from a bank vault.

505: Master Plan TV-PG (60 min)

Mon, Sep 2 12AM EDT

Neal probes a case involving the reappearance of a wealthy man's son, whom Elizabeth suspects is an imposter.

506: Ice Breaker TV-PG+L (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 11AM EDT

Neal and Peter impersonate a skating coach and sports agent to nab a Russian man who deals in fake passports; Neal and Mozzie turn to Rebecca for help in deciphering a chapter from a book.

507: Quantico Closure TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 12PM EDT

A former girlfriend wants Peter's help in procuring a powerful computer chip from a Manhattan hacker; Neal and Rebecca link a drawing from Mosconi's book chapter to a stained glass window in New York.

508: Digging Deeper TV-PG+S (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 1PM EDT

Peter and Neal search for the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex; Peter realizes that Neal is romantically linked to Rebecca.

509: No Good Deed TV-PG+S (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 2PM EDT

Neal and Mozzie steal the stained glass window; the FBI recovers a gold coin that Neal stole for the Dutchman, placing Peter's career in jeopardy.

510: Live Feed TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 3PM EDT

The Dutchman kidnaps Rebecca and forces Neal and Mozzie to solve a riddle hidden in the Codex; the FBI links Hagen to a forgery of a William Blake painting.

511: Shot Through The Heart TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 4PM EDT

Peter determines that Rebecca is not a book expert, but an MI5 agent; Peter and Elizabeth prepare to move to Washington.

512: Taking Stock TV-PG+DS (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 5PM EDT

Diana impersonates Rebecca when one of Rebecca's clients wants to steal a thumb drive that contains an algorithm capable of triggering a financial crash; Mozzie babysits Theo.

513: Diamond Exchange TV-PG (60 min)

Sun, Sep 8 6PM EDT

After injecting Mozzie with poison, Rebecca offers to give Peter and Neal the antidote in exchange for the diamond.