Episode Guide

101: Air Time TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tue, Oct 26 4:30AM EDT

Radio sales rep Julie wants to look slim and sleek before a trip to Thailand but her love of greasy sausages is making her clothes snug. Can this former fitness instructor give up fatty snacks and get back into the gym or is she destined for a flabby vacation?

102: Plateau Patrol TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tue, Oct 26 5AM EDT

Sheelagh managed to lose 100 pounds on her own but now those last few just aren't budging. Her lack of exercise and love of licorice are keeping the weight on and keeping her out of a sexy dress for the office Christmas bash.

103: Tubalicious TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tue, Oct 26 5:30AM EDT

Tuba player and music educator Christina is hoping to scale down her midsection and tone up her muscles after losing 60 pounds on her own. It's time for her to ditch that last bit of weight before a night of speed dating.

104: Chew On This TV-PG+L (30 min)

Richard or "Chewie as he's known to friends comes by his nickname honestly. He loves to chew whatever he can get his hands on. But four weeks away from his high school reunion, it's time for Chewie to munch on healthier foods and get his butt into the gym with Tommy.

105: Pole Position TV-PG+L (30 min)

Former pole dance instructor Julia has let her once fit figure go flabby. Now she's desperate to get fabulous again before her engagement party in just four weeks.

106: Boot Camp Or Bust TV-PG+L (30 min)

Della's a busy mom and commercial actress who wants to get back in shape before a girls' trip to Vegas. All bets are off if she doesn't lose her love of chocolate and sweets in order to drop those last ten pounds.

107: Strategic Stand Up TV-PG+L (30 min)

Robyn's a stand up comedienne whose weight issues are no laughing matter. She wants to look svelte for her upcoming showcase and break the stereotype that funny women have to be fat.

108: Combat The Fat TV-PG+L (30 min)

Chelsea has packed on the pounds since getting married three years ago. She's desperate to look hot for her upcoming anniversary, but it'll mean a complete lifestyle change for this chip-aholic.

109: Mobilizing Mama TV-PG+L (30 min)

Leah's a new mom who eats and drinks like a college student. She loves going for brunch with the other moms and can't give up the weekend pub ritual. An upcoming trip to Costa Rica has Leah feeling desperate to buff up and get into surfing shape.

110: Mc Mom TV-PG+L (30 min)

Alexis is a stay-at-home mom whose baby belly just won't go away. It's time for her to hit the gym and ditch the kiddie snacks if she wants her pre-baby body back before she emcees at her cousin's wedding.

111: Dj Mayday TV-PG+L (30 min)

Chelsea's one of the city's top DJs and she knows to stay on top in this male dominated industry, her looks are key. She wants to tone up and slim down before the photo shoot for her new promo shots.

112: Vegging Out TV-PG+L (30 min)

Being a vegetarian and loving yoga doesn't automatically make you healthy as Christina has discovered the hard way. It's time for her to start eating healthy food and toning up her body before she goes to her brother's wedding - where she'll be surrounded by models.

113: Body Renovation TV-PG+L (30 min)

Kate's a busy interior designer who wants to redesign and update her own look before she launches her new gallery. It's time to renovate Kate “ but will Kate take the time to fit Tommy and Nadeen's demands into her busy schedule?

114: Superfox Showdown TV-PG+L (30 min)

Kelly is an aspiring actress who's tired of getting cast in frumpy roles. She's desperate to cut her extra weight before an audition for a sexy lead role. But first she'll have to be a star in Tommy's strict fitness and nutrition program.

115: Deep Fried Diva TV-PG+L (30 min)

Claire is a feisty young mom who's been adding to her stubborn pregnancy pounds eating deep fried food. Now there's a wild stagette coming up and Claire wants to lose the junk in her trunk. It's time for a 911 call to Tommy Europe.

116: Rock My Body TV-PG+L (30 min)

Denai is a top-40 deejay who wants to slim down and rock a hard new body for her role as MC at a big live event. But she'll have to sing Tommy's tune for 4 grueling weeks if she wants to be a hit in a dress that fits.

117: Number Crunch TV-PG+L (30 min)

Janice is a financial assistant whose double portions are adding pounds to her bottom line. She enlisted in bootcamp so she can dazzle friends and family on a trip back home. But she'll need to invest in herself if she wants to look great in that skimpy target outfit.

118: Flour Power TV-PG+L (30 min)

Kelsey is a mom who loves to bake and she's married to a professional baker. All the tempting bread, pastries and treats have left her with rolls on her body. With a big family reunion coming up, Kelsey needs Tommy's help to get her muffin top under control.

119: Candy Queen TV-PG+L (30 min)

Blair loves to eat and she just can't say no to sugary treats. But unlike her rail-thin boyfriend, Blair's body shows every extra calorie. She hopes that Tommy's tough-love approach will shed her pounds in time for a romantic trip to Vegas.

120: Game On TV-PG+L (30 min)

Matt is a hamburger-loving marketing whiz and wannabe player, looking to make an impression on the ladies at an upcoming gaming conference. But burgers and beer have taken their toll on his waistline and he's now got four short weeks to turn his keg belly into a six pack.

121: Snack Attack TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tanja is a mom who's desperate to lose her mummy tummy and look smoking hot on her first day back at work. But can this junk food junkie give up her nasty habits and get on track with Tommy's tough fitness and nutrition regime?

122: Battlefield Of Love TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tonight  4:30AM EDT

Amy is a foodie fashionista who is on the mend after a big break-up. She wants to re- enter the dating scene but feels like the extra inches are holding her back. Amy will have to win the battle of the booty and give up the booze, before she enters the battlefield of love.

123: Tough Assignment TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tomorrow  5AM EDT

Erin is a TV news reporter who just can't find a camera angle that will hide her bulging midsection. She signed up for boot camp eager to slim down for her new demo reel. But will four weeks with Tommy prove to be her toughest assignment yet?

124: Mayo Mommy TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tomorrow  5:30AM EDT

Shannon has always hated her wedding photos because of her weight. Now she's lost 60 pounds on her own and needs Tommy's help to lose more in time for an upcoming anniversary photo shoot. But she'll have to let go of her favourite fatty condiments, and get with the program to get photo-ready results.

125: Triple Threat TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tue, Oct 26 3:30AM EDT

Laura is an actor/singer/dancer who usually gets the supporting roles. She's always been festively plump, but if Laura can survive Tommy's tough love fitness and nutrition regime, she can make an entrance at her high school reunion as a leading lady.

126: Touchdown Tummy TV-PG+L (30 min)

Tue, Oct 26 4AM EDT

Gizmo is a former football star and military man with a six pack that has morphed into a flabby keg. This junk food loving, beer-chugging waiter is desperate for Tommy's help to get back into tip-top shape before proposing to his girlfriend.