Episode Guide

401: Sympathy For The Devil TV-14+D (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 11AM EDT

On her first day back from maternity leave Alex has her hands full, bumping heads with a new surgeon when a new mother is brought in after a car accident, while also treating a convicted murder for a ruptured ulcer. Elsewhere, new father Charlie must care for a "lucky baby while he shepherd's her mother's spirit after a car accident, while Zach and Maggie are forced into isolation after being exposed to a patient exhibiting Ebola symptoms.

402: Beasts Of Burden TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 12PM EDT

Alex puts her reputation on the line when she questions a senior surgeon's methods. Charlie struggles to convince a blue-collar worker to give up his losing battle with his leg and amputate. Maggie weighs her future at Hope Zion while trying to get an alcoholic Advertising Executive into detox.

403: Start Me Up TV-14+D (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 1PM EDT

Alex has to juggle her duties as a new mother and a surgeon when she takes a Jr. Resident under her wing to treat a man worried about recurring colon cancer. Shahir is forced to deal with the affairs of the heart, literally and figuratively, when he treats a woman for acute facial pain. In the ER, Zach and Charlie take an interest in a Hope Zion janitor with a shattered elbow when they find out he knew Joel.

404: Miss You TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 2PM EDT

Alex weighs whether she can forgive and forget when the man responsible for her deceased brother's drug problem is admitted to Hope Zion with a life or death stomach complication. Meanwhile, Cassie and Dana struggle to save a victim of a brutal acid attack while Charlie tries to give her spirit back the will to live. Zach bonds with a patient with a crippling inability to deal with her past.

405: Heart Of Stone TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 3PM EDT

A young Motocross Rider is diagnosed with Leukemia, forcing to Alex to navigate family secrets in order to put her young patient on the road to recovery. Charlie is forced to bring peace to a recent victim of suicide by convincing her abusive father to donate her heart, while Dawn must juggle her boyfriend's ego when he insists on observing her in the OR.

406: Rock And A Hard Place TV-14+DL (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 4PM EDT

Struggling to save the life of an Urban Explorer, Alex is put in an uncomfortable possible when she must weigh whether or not to use the information Charlie gains from the patient's spirit. Meanwhile Dana and Cassie team up to give a gambler another shot at life when he is brought in missing an ear, while Maggie tries to teach Dev about bedside manner in treating a pregnant General for a benign cyst.

407: Can't You Hear Me Knocking TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 5PM EDT

When an aggressive brain tumor threatens the life of her patient, Alex must convince Interim Chief Shahir to commit to an equally aggressive treatment using a deadly eradicated virus. In the spirit world, Charlie must convince a closeted transgender Football coach to accept their truth, or risk their life by denying it. Meanwhile Dana and Cassie inspire an acid-attack victim Elizabeth (404) to recommit to her rehab and her real life.

408: Waiting On A Friend TV-14+L (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 6PM EDT

The death of a trapeze artists kicks off a twelve patient/donor "Domino kidney transplant, forcing Hope Zion's doctors, led by Alex and Shahir, to juggle complications and patients in the effort to keep the chain moving. Meanwhile, Charlie and Kris struggle to bring peace to the Spirit of the deceased Trapeze Artist as she longs to be reunited with her injured partner, while Dana endures the company of a chatty Poetry professor during a chemo session.

409: Shattered TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 7PM EDT

When a local charity run is bombed, Hope Zion takes on the mass of casualties, including some of its own doctors. But with a long wait for treatment for a long list of patients, made worse by a shortage of blood, the situation boils to a head when it's revealed the bomber may be being treated for his injuries first. Meanwhile, unaware of the events at HZ, Charlie is lured by Kris to meet another doctor who claims to see the dead.

410: Emotional Rescue TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 8PM EDT

In aftermath of the bomb, Alex struggles with the fact she unknowingly helped the bomber at the expense of friend, leading her to swear no harm will come to Maggie's last patient. Meanwhile, Maggie's fate lies in the surgical hands of Shahir, but her fate as a spirit is left to Charlie as she wanders the halls of Hope Zion.

411: All Down The Line TV-14+DL (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 9PM EDT

When a chef with oral cancer refuses care to pursue his life's work, Alex must confront her own feelings about the way Dana is handling her treatment. Charlie and Asha have their hands full when a DIY treehouse project lands a relentless single mother in hospital with a life-threatening pelvic injury. Meanwhile, Maggie is back to work with Sydney Katz, treating a blind widow at risk of losing the last piece of her husband she has “ the baby inside of her.

412: Shine A Light TV-14+D (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 10PM EDT

When an ice storm strikes the city on Christmas Eve, Alex and Dawn struggle to save a good Samaritan alive long enough for her family to say goodbye. Charlie attempts to comfort the spirit of a dead child wondering if his mother will brave the storm to honor their Christmas tradition, while Dana and Shahir try to dodge Christmas cheer only to end up using their skills to fix the broken toys from the annual gift drive.

413: Goodbye Girl TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 6 11PM EDT

Alex must maintain her professionalism when Kris lands in hospital after a drunk-driving accident clutching baby Luke's blanket, while Charlie contends with Kris' spirit that just wants to pass on. Meanwhile, Bishop and Maggie go head to head treating a woman suffering from complications after a gastric bypass surgery - a surgery Maggie performed and may have botched. In the ER, Zach and Dev treat a heart-broken patient for nail-gun injuries after a DIY reno goes wrong.

414: You Can't Always Get What You Want TV-14+DL (60 min)

Thu, Oct 7 12AM EDT

Alex and Bishop struggle to get to the truth when all the symptoms of a permanently ill child point towards his mother as the cause. Meanwhile, Charlie deals with a Sci-Fi Actor who refuses to put his life ahead of his career after being diagnosed with a malignant spinal tumor, while Dana helps Maggie get back on the surgical horse after almost losing her medical license.

415: Not Fade Away TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 13 9AM EDT

Trying to see what his life would be like without his gift, Charlie struggles to heal a superstitious farmer without the help of his spirit intel. In the ward, Alex tries to restore hope to Dana's increasingly fatalistic outlook by staging a daring "prison break" from oncology, while Zach and Dawn grow closer, remotely treating Dawn's friend for a poisonous spider bite.

416: Torn And Frayed TV-14+D (60 min)

Wed, Oct 13 10AM EDT

Losing sleep over Charlie's impending brain surgery, a stretched-thin Alex teams up with Cassie to free a young woman from her abusive partner, while Dawn, facing a series of life-threatening complications when a patient's pacemaker malfunctions, struggles with a seemingly simple decision. In the ER, Maggie treats an anxious Jackson after a neurological symptom has the nurse anxious over his physical health and romantic future.

417: Anybody Seen My Baby TV-14+DS (60 min)

Wed, Oct 13 11AM EDT

After Kristine suffers a stroke, Charlie must postpones his surgery in order to help her pop. However when Alex discovers the Nurse's past may not be as she remembers, they must team up to find a way to bring peace to the already troubled spirit. Meanwhile, in the ward, Maggie, Bishop, and Cassie struggle to save a woman and her unborn child as she battles symptoms of her acute liver failure.

418: Let Me Go TV-14 (60 min)

Wed, Oct 13 12PM EDT

When Charlie's tumor proves more dangerous than initially thought, Alex and Shahir struggle to save his life. Meanwhile Charlie wanders the halls of Hope Zion in an attempt to find meaning in his life and gift, all the while giving hope to his bereaved spouse. In the ward, Dawn treats a teen heartthrob with a hole in his heart with Maggie, forcing her to come to terms with her own feelings towards Zach.