Episode Guide

301: Muffins TV-PG (30 min)

Muffins are a staple for mornings and snack breaks, and their small portioning make them an easy treat. i. Healthy Bran Mini Muffins - a staple recipe for a healthy muffin that also tastes good! ii. Classic Blueberry Streusel Muffins - a bakeshop essential, these fluffy muffins are packed with fresh blueberries and have a nice crunchy streusel topping. iii. Chocolate Banana Muffins with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - a muffin can definitely be a decadent treat! Akin to a molten-centre chocolate cake or a filled doughnut, these rich sweet muffins have a creamy hazelnut butter centre to them, and are slathered with a homemade version of Nutella (no frosting, though, or we'd have to call it a cupcake!)

302: Waffles TV-PG (30 min)

Waffles are definitely a part of a baker's repertoire and that woven waffles shape is now known the world around. Here we explore North American, Italian & Belgian styles of waffles. i. Big Buttermilk Breakfast Waffles - Ready for a fun weekend breakfast? Then these waffles are for you! This basic recipe gets you comfortable with what makes a good waffle of this style - crispy on the outside & soft in the centre. ii. Italian Pizelle - These sweet, crisp wafer cookies use a special waffle iron and a particular recipe that also might remind you of a waffle ice cream cone. iii. Belgian Liege Waffles with Spiced Plums and White Chocolate Sauce - the Liege style of waffle is my personal favourite and can be purchased at street stalls everywhere in Belgium, served plain or dressed up for dessert. The yeast dough with little crystals of crunchy sugar that caramelize when cooked on the waffle iron make them truly special. Dressing them up with warm spiced plums and a white chocolate sauce makes them even mo

303: Mousse TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 1AM EDT

Fruit mousses are a staple in patisseries, and come in all sorts of colours and shapes. They can be a dessert on their own or part of a grand torte, and there are a number of ways to maximize the fruit flavour and pop of colour. i. Easy Lime Mousse - This fluffy and refreshing mousse is easy to make and looks so pretty. ii. Mango Coco:nut Mousse Tart - This tropical mousse tart uses a different technique to set the mousse inside a cookie shell. iii. Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Mousse Torte - This is a grande dame of tortes. A chocolate sponge cake is layered with a vibrant raspberry mousse and is finished with classic patisserie decor.

304: Ice Cream TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 1:30AM EDT

Pastry chefs are responsible for making their own ice cream in restaurants, and our creativity can really shine through. i. Green Apple Sorbet - Sorbets are made without dairy, so the singular flavour of the fruit shines through - I have great tricks for a sorbet that is smooth and refreshing. ii. Classic Chocolate Gelato & Ice Cream Cone - I became obsessed with chocolate gelato on a recent trip to Italy - dark and rich, you'd swear there was cream, but using only milk is the rule that qualifies a gelato. It's easy to make your own ice cream cones with a brown sugar batter and a twist to get them into their cone shape. iii. Ice Cream Sundae Cookie Cake - I can make this cake look like a giant Oreo - two layers of chocolate cookie (that will stay soft and sliceable even when frozen) are filled with a rich chocolate ripple ice cream - the classic, rich cream-based style.

305: Meringue TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 2AM EDT

We've covered French Meringue and Italian Meringue in previous seasons, so it's natural to include the third and final style here: Swiss. Egg whites and sugar are heated together and then whipped into frothy heaven. It can be used on its own or also as part of another dessert. i. Swiss Meringue Raspberry Gems - Tinted pink, these little gems make a meltingly good individual bite (more tender than a French meringue), topped with a little cream and fresh raspberry, they are adorable. ii. Chocolate Divinity Candy - Ever wonder how they make that fluffy chocolate-y goodness inside a Three Musketeers Bars? Well that's Chocolate Divinity Candy and it starts with a Swiss Meringue. iii. Lemon Swiss Buttercream Hatbox Cake - A luscious lemon Layer cake is covered with a Swiss Buttercream frosting, the fluffier and lightest style of frosting, thanks to the use of Swiss meringue. Anna showcases his wonderfully it covers this cake, adding pretty decor style and a sneak peek into how to make a cake look like a h

306: Fruit Preserves TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 2:30AM EDT

A pastry chef relies on jams and preserves to use as fillings for countless desserts, but it also falls on our shoulders to make jams when fruits are at their peak. These recipes will give you the essentials behind making fruit preserves and also show you some classic uses. i. Strawberry Jam & Bostock - Berry-fresh & sweet, a good jam recipe is a cornerstone in a baker's kitchen. Here I make a classic strawberry jam and then use it to assemble a pastry shop treat: Bostock. Bostock is a thick slice of egg bread or brioche spread with jam and then topped with a sweetened hazelnut paste and sliced hazelnuts before being toasted - crisp on the outside and soft and sweet in the centre! ii. Raspberry Jelly Fluffy Cheesecake - Making jelly is a different process than a jam, and raspberry jelly is prized because it is seedless and has a glorious shine. I will use it here to top a fluffy, Japanese-style cheesecake (like Uncle Tetsu in Toronto, where people line up for them) and are all the rage everywhere in S

307: Flourless Cookies TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 3AM EDT

We've covered flour1ess cakes, pies & tarts so now some delicious flourtess cookie recipes are in order. i. Almond Butter Thumbprint Cookies - These tender cookies are filled with raspberry jam and will become a staple in your kitchen. ii. Decadent Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - a rich chocolate cookie is a welcome addition to a cookie tin, and this will become a new staple. A crisp exterior with a crackled icing sugar look yields to a soft, fudgy chocolate centre. iii. Sunken Chocolate Ginger Cookie Cake- This hybrid dessert is a cross between a soft and chewy flourless ginger cookie (think spiced gingerbread cut-out) and a molten chocolate cake. This is really like 2 recipes in one, since the cookie exterior can also be rolled and baked as gingerbread men!

308: Crackers TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 3:30AM EDT

I am addicted to crackers- I always have a few styles on hand, and when made from scratch they are anything but ordinary! i. Pumpkin Seed and Date Spice Crackers - Packed with nuts, seeds and dried fruits, these ruffly crackers look stunning on a cheese plate (think Lesley Stowe crackers). ii. Homemade Graham Crackers - made with whole wheat flour and honey, and homemade graham cracker is delicious on its own, not just as part of a gooey S'More (can make one, if we have time). iii. Cheddar Shortbread "Cheesecake" -A decadent cracker on its own, these Cheddar shortbread are then used as the base for a decadent savoury cheesecake that makes an elegant appetizer.

309: Creme Anglaise TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 4AM EDT

A basic English custard sauce is a familiar companion to plated cakes, tarts and other desserts, but it is also the foundation for other pastry chef creations. i. Poires Belle Helene - This classic dessert allows us to make a creme anglaise and then serve it simply with a poached pear with a hint of chocolate ganache. Very refined, but also approachable. ii. lies Flottantes - "Floating Islands", this is a personal favourite when I go to a Bistro. Airy meringue "islands" float on top of vanilla creme anglaise and thin strands of caramelized sugar are draped overtop (will make a stunning photo). iii. Decadent Baked Alaska - Creme anglaise also happens to be the base for traditional French Vanilla ice cream. Here I build Baked Alaska - a cake or cookie base topped with ice cream, covered with swirls of meringue and then baked to brown the outside - the contrast of the warm, marshmallow-like outside against the cold, creamy ice cream is absolutely sinful, especially when served with a fresh raspberry co

310: Pancakes TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 4:30AM EDT

Making breakfast for guests often falls onto the shoulders of a restaurant pastry chef, so we become very comfortable with pancakes of all sorts. Here are some of my favourite styles and remember - pancakes aren't just for breakfast - they can be dessert, tool i. Fluffy Blueberry Flapjacks - Who can resist and fluffy, tender pancake drizzled with maple syrup? Not me! ii. German Souffle Pancake - This is a great Sunday Brunch treat - a batter is lightened with whipped egg whites then baked (often in a cast iron skillet) until it is puffed and golden. A dusting of icing sugar and it goes right to the table. iii. Chocolate Orange Crepe Torte - Thin, French crepes are tender and delectable (and I have my secret ingredients for the MOST tender crepes), but let's not stop there. Layering crepes alternating between chocolate and orange creaminess makes a grand looking torte (popular in SE Asia in the fancy pastry shops)

311: Souffles TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 5AM EDT

Some may tremble at the thought of making souffle, but her I will give you are the tips and tools you need to make a fluffy airy souffle with utmost confidence. i. Frozen Vanilla Bean-Coconut Souffles - this is a perfect place to start understanding souffle, since it is frozen to set it, not baked. This will get us comfortable preparing dishes so that a souffle filling rises above the dish and this coconut & vanilla version is creamy and decadent. ii. French Cheese Souffles - a cheese souffle is the next souffle to master, since the cheese base makes it stable and strong, although the end result is still light and fluffy. iii. Grand Chocolate Souffle with Salted Caramel Sauce - This is it - the piece de resistance and what we all wish to master- a real, tall, warm chocolate souffle. A souffle like this is always served with a sauce, poured into the centre - in this case a salted caramel sauce.

312: Charlottes TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 22 5:30AM EDT

A charlotte is a dessert with a cake exterior holding a fruit, mousse or other filling within (as opposed to layered). These look pretty from the outside, but reveal gorgeous fi llings within once sliced. i. Summer Berry Pudding - although called a "pudding" (in the English sense of the word) it truly is a chartotte. White bread lines a dish and a sweetened mixture of crushed berries fills the mold - the juices soak through the bread, giving it a rich red-purple colour and the natural pectin within the fruit sets it so that it can be sliced or scooped easily once unmolded. ii. French Apple Charlotte - a classic preparation, butter egg bread lines a mold and is then filled with caramelized apple. It is baked so that the bread toasts and becomes crisp so that it unmolds easily and holds in that warm apple filling. iii. Blackberry White Chocolate Charlotte - Pistachio lady fingers surround a classic charlotte made up of a Blackberry Bavarian Custard with a White Chocolate Mousse on top - fresh blackberr

313: Country Breads TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 1AM EDT

Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread coming out of the oven and these rustic styles will have you running to the kitchen to bake. i. Rustic Ciabatta Bread - Ciabatta bread is one of the first styles I learned - an airy and sticky dough, this simple Italian bread is best when torn into pieces and dunked into Nonna's tomato sauce! ii. Slow-Rise Pain de Campagne - This French style bread develops its fantastic texture and crackling crust from a slow fermentation. iii. German Pumpernickel Rye Loaf - Pumpernickel is one of my favourite breads and mastering a rye-based bread is a good skill. I'll use this deliciously fragrant bread to then make rarebit (a glam name for cheese toast with pickles - but more involved than just putting cheese & pickles on toast).

314: Candy TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 1:30AM EDT

Yay! Candy! A pastry kitchen can also include a confectionery, where candies are made. Here are some staples that every pastry chef learns to make. i. Colourful Lollipops - Clear and colourful, homemade lollipops are adorable. ii. Sea Salt Caramel Candies - Probably the top pick in any box of candies, making a salted caramel is a great skill to have - and you can even melt these for dipping apples into! iii. Raspberry Fruit Jellies with 3 Stvles - I have a real weakness for jelly candies, and making a classic soft fruit jelly candy is immensely gratifying, and when rolled into sugar, they absolutely sparkle. To complete the look, I'll show 3 easy ways to finish them - with sugar, so they look like a gumdrop, with cornstarch, so they look like Turkish Delight and finally, dipped in dark chocolate (my favourite).

315: Icings & Glazes TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 2AM EDT

Have a good repertoire of icings and glazes add flair and panache your cakes and cookies. Here we get a handle on the major styles and some delicious recipes where they are used. i. Royal Icing Sugar Cookies - Royal icing is likely the most popular style of icing, and here I'll show you how to do the "flood style" so that cookies can be decorated with an icing that sets to satin finish. ii. Doubled Glazed Classic Kugelopf - a Kugelopf is a striking almond yeast cake, but it's crowning glory is the hot sugar glaze that you repeatedly baste it in to give it shone and sweetness - and works to preserve the cake longer since it seals in the moisture. iii. Viennese Sacher Torte - This is the ultimate in glazed tortes. Originating from the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, this rich single-layer chocolate cake is completely covered in apricot jam and then finished with a glossy chocolate glaze. Recognized the world over.

316: Loaf Cakes TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 2:30AM EDT

Everyone from novice baker to professional patissier needs a few really tasty sweet breads. Loaf cakes share the characteristics of typically being baked in a loaf pan (but not exclusively)- they are moist and rich, but not as dense as a pound cake. i. Basic Banana Bread - The ultimate in quick breads, this is a recipe everyone needs to have. ii. Honey Spice Bread (Pain O'Epice) -A little more refined than a gingerbread cake, this honeyed spice bread stays lovely and moist. iii. Chocolate Pumpkin Swirl Sundt Cake with Butterscotch Glaze - Two quick breads swirled into one dessert - I love chocolate and pumpkin together and this recipe swirls them to create a beautiful contrast when the cake is sliced, and the butterscotch glaze takes the whole creation over the top.

317: Fudge TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 3AM EDT

One little word says so much! Sweet and decadent, fudge can be a candy or an element in a dessert. i. Quick Chocolate Fudge - This is an easy fudge, perfect for someone who may not have experience making candy (and even if you have, you'll love this). ii. New Orleans Pecan Fudge Pralines - The cooked brown sugar centre to this style of praline involves a cooked fudge technique. Dropped over toasted pecans and then dipped into chocolate, this are tru ly decadent. iii. Chocolate 4-Layer Cake with Fudge Frosting - This is fudge that will definitely make you smile! 4 layers of chocolate cake are slathered with a fudge frosting that uses the cooked fudge technique with sumptuous, spreadable results.

318: Cream Pies TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 3:30AM EDT

The combination of a flavoured custard filling topped with whipped cream is as important as apple pie on a diner menu, and with good reason - they are sinfully delicious. i. Chocolate Cream Pie - Chocolate crumb crust, creamy chocolate custard filling and whipped cream ... need I say more? ii. Double Maple Cream Pie - a cooked maple filling topped with a rich maple cream (and the addition of maple toasted pecans) makes these individual pies a new Canadian treat. iii. Banoffee Pies - created in the UK, I make my individual Banoffee pies with a homemade digestive biscuit crust, fill it with a layer of sliced bananas and top it with a sinful dulce de lechelike filling - and don't forget the whipped cream. OMG - first time I tried this, it changed my life.

319: Savoury Breads TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 4AM EDT

Like sweet quick breads, every baker at any level needs some good savoury quick breads they can make. i. Classic Cornbread - My cornbread is light and fluffy and VERY tasty. Slathered with butter, warm from the oven ... mmmm! ii. Jalaoeno Cheddar Pull-Apart Bread - With cheese in the dough AND melted on top, it's fun to pull apart each little piece of the bread as you snack on this (perhaps while a football game is on?). iii. Steamed BBQ Beef Buns - Fluffy and light, these little steamed buns are filled with a fragrant Chinese BBQ beef filling - just like Dim Sum.

320: Morning Treats TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Oct 29 4:30AM EDT

We've covered muffins and coffee cakes, but there are many other pastries and breads to make us happy and go with our AM coffee. i. Easy Cinnamon Twists -Almost like a rugelach, this cream cheese dough is rolled and filled with cinnamon sugar & raisins before being twisted and baked. ii. Classic Crumpets - Ever wonder how they get the holes in a crumpet? Now I can show you how (and my favourite way to enjoy a crumpet is toasted and with butter & honey). iii. Anna's English Muffins & Avocado Eggs Benedict - I adore English muffins and I can't wait to share my recipe tor them. And we won't stop there ... I'll also show you my healthier version of Eggs Benedict and how to perfectly poach eggs.