ION Plus | Schedule

TV-14+LV (60 MIN)

Alex, Dawn and Dana champion a revolutionary cancer surgery - the Sugarbaker - at Hope Zion and are surprised when Dr. Jeremy Bishop returns to head up the surgery. Cassie is eager to impress, but is sidetracked when a former patient and her secret admirer returns to see her, resulting in dire consequences for her and Dr. Billy Scott. Meanwhile, Shahir and Jonathan's would-be adoption ends in disaster when the mother of the baby has second thoughts about giving the baby up and abducts the child form the NICU.

TV-14 (60 MIN)

Alex and Charlie are back on track and planning their wedding when disaster strikes at a chapel and Alex and Charlie have to put their wedding on hold to save the life of a bride. Zach tries extraordinary means to save a down-on-his-luck patient with liver disease who is ineligible for a transplant. Ultimately, it's Jackson who steps up to the plate and offers to be his live donor. Shahir and Dana's (Wendy Crewson) coma patient wakes up without any memory of the last 20 years of his life “ including his wife. They must get this patient to remember who he is while at the same time grappling with their own issues.

TV-14+L (60 MIN)

Alex, Charlie, and Luke get into a car accident after a heroic moment, throwing their whole family into peril. The doctors of Hope Zion struggle to save their lives, while also dealing with the chaos of a mass casualty incident. When they fail to save Charlie's life, his organs go to many of the accident victims, saving several lives. The Hope Zion family bands around Alex while mourning Charlie, reinforcing she will never be alone, despite the loss of her partner.

TV-14+L (60 MIN)

When Hope Zion Hospital's Chief of Surgery ends up in a coma, he finds himself wandering the halls in spirit form. Stuck between worlds, he watches as his fiancée and the staff of the hospital fight to keep patients “ and hope “ alive.

TV-14+DLS (60 MIN)

Alex treats a young boy with mysterious symptoms while dealing with the arrival of Charlie's ex-wife. Elsewhere in the hospital, Joel and Maggie try to help a patient who refuses life-saving treatment on religious grounds.

TV-14+DS (60 MIN)

After Charlie's hand moved in the last episode, Alex has high hopes for his recovery, while she treats a patient who already has multiple surgeries under his belt. Meanwhile, Charlie coaches a young man killed in a roofing accident who has unfinished business with his severely injured brother.

TV-14+L (60 MIN)

A sleep-deprived Alex takes on a night shift in the ER where an all-star hockey enforcer may be skating full-speed towards an early death. Meanwhile, Charlie meets a suburban punk who is facing the biggest fight of his life.

TV-14+D (60 MIN)

A high profile double hand replantation becomes Alex's chance to prove to Kinney that she is still capable of being Chief Surgical Resident. In the ICU, Maggie believes a homeless man may have been misdiagnosed.

TV-14+L (60 MIN)

When a severely injured man under the spell of hypnosis cannot remember his identity, the hypnotist who put him under is called into the hospital “ where he uses his psychic ability to connect Charlie and Alex. Meanwhile, a young woman comes into the E.R. with a neck injury, but it's Hope Zee's psych resident, Gavin who knows how to help her.

TV-14 (60 MIN)

A routine surgical procedure goes awry when Alex's patient, a soon-to-be-wed young woman, falls into a coma. While Alex struggles with a case that hits close to home, Joel treats a patient who does his own body modifications, and Charlie finds himself drawn to Alex's coma patient in the spirit world.

TV-14+V (60 MIN)

With Charlie's life hanging in the balance, Alex and Dawn go head-to-head over who gets to be his legal decision maker “ but are forced to put personal matters aside when they scrub into a heart transplant surgery together. Charlie, meanwhile, is in no mood to talk to the heart donor “ a deceased prisoner.

TV-14 (60 MIN)

With Charlie removed from his ventilator, all he and Alex can do is wait and ask themselves: is this really it? But when a patient comes in for a routine follow-up, her new symptoms could lead Alex and Charlie to making a discovery about Charlie's coma. Meanwhile, Joel cannot operate after breaking his hand, and Maggie and Gavin deal with the aftermath of their kiss.

TV-14+DL (60 MIN)

When Joel gets cold feet in the OR, Kinney takes him with her on a Continuing Medical Education assignment in her hometown to help clear his head. During their field trip, a woman gets pinned underneath a truck and Joel and Kinney lead the rescue effort. Meanwhile, Charlie meets a newly deceased therapist who suspects it's an emotional block that is keeping him in his coma. Encouraged by Charlie breathing on his own, Alex continues her rounds and diagnoses a fitness buff with a rare condition.

TV-14+L (60 MIN)

When a plane is forced to land due to a sick passenger, the patient is taken to Hope Zion where Alex performs emergency surgery and discovers that this passenger may have brought a deadly and contagious virus into the hospital.